Hong Kong  New Year’s Eve 2010 at Regal Hotel Kowloon

Father Rudy T on drums  |  Bro Chas T on cinematography

Route 66 ...  Simply the Best ... Hot Stuff ... Nightlife ... Do That To Me

Hong Kong  Regal Airport Hotel

Ain’t Got You .. Route 66 .. Forget You .. Fly Me To the Moon

Nearness Of You .. Sunshine Of My Life .. Your Love Is King

I’m Yours

I Kissed a Girl (impromptu)

If I Ain’t Got You (impromptu)

R&B cuts from Oasis

Hot 'n Cold ... Never Ever ... I'm Yours ... Do That to Me

Run Hide (Bobby Taylor) at Oasis Hotel

Honolulu  private event

Midnight Train to Georgia

Hong Kong  Skylark Lounge

Never Ever  (rehearsal)

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